The DAF CF Series has earned a great reputation among drivers and operators alike. For the stylish yet sturdy exterior, the spacious and comfortable cab with easy access, the class-leading ride and handling, the superior efficiency and well-proven reliability and durability. How do you improve such a superior product? That was the challenge for DAF’s design team. As always, they have succeeded in making the best even better: the CF Series.


Designed for a wide range of applications, the DAF CF Series is available in two, three and four axle configurations, single or double drive. With its range of highly efficient PACCAR MX engines, stylish and comfortable cabs, strong but lightweight chassis which are body builder-friendly as well as a host of technical and aesthetic improvements, the versatile CF Series is designed to perform. An efficient all-rounder, providing operators with a secure foundation for low operating costs and high revenues.


In line with DAF’s proven design philosophy – ‘driven by quality’ – operators and drivers alike will benefit from new design and safety features as well as comfort and driveability. The integrated fog lights, distinctive grille mesh and new cab badging give the CF that little extra touch that makes a modern design even more so. The interior of the new CF features new colours and trim, a new driver instrument panel and a steering wheel with integrated controls and airbag.


The CF Series features a wide choice of efficient drivelines for high performance with fuel economy in every application. The DAF designed and produced PACCAR MX-11 & MX-13 engines meet stringent Euro 6 emission standards. In addition, TraXon automated gearboxes are now standard throughout the CF range for even greater fuel economy and comfort.


Vehicles in the CF-segment are used intensively, often in heavy duty applications. The wide range of applications places considerable demands on the chassis. The robust, flat-topped chassis design is the basis of a wide range of axle configurations, wheelbases and specifications. The result: a multifunctional chassis that provides a solid foundation for every application.


The robust CF chassis is made of high quality steel, resulting in an exceptionally strong but lightweight chassis for high payloads. It is completely flat, making it the perfect base for any superstructure. To make the body builder’s job as easy as possible, the main frame members are pre-drilled to ensure easy mounting of the body. A Body Builder’s Module (BBM) can also be provided to facilitate communication between the electric systems of vehicle and body. There are a range of Power Take Off (PTO) options available, including front end, gearbox and engine PTOs for a wide range of applications.


The CF chassis is available in a wide variety of wheelbases, chassis and axle configurations. The chassis shape, layout and positioning of components is designed to minimize vehicle weight and maximize available space. Many components are mounted on the inside of the chassis frame, leaving ample space for the fitment of crane legs, twist locks, hydraulic tanks, tool boxes and other additional equipment.


The CF series offers many different axle configurations, ranging from 4×2 to 8×4 in rigid and tractor combinations.


Market-leading fuel efficiency starts with the engine. The DAF CF is powered by multi-torque PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 engines with power ratings, including an extra powerful 390 kW/530hp variant. Many innovations result in even more torque at lower rpm for highest fuel efficiency. Vehicles can now cruise at only 1,000 rpm, resulting in extremely low noise levels found in top class luxury cars. Additional torque is available in top gear for great driveability. The MX engine brake delivers world-class braking power at lower revs.


The CF is equipped with the PACCAR MX engine, available in 11 litre 370, 410 and 450hp or the 13 litre 430, 480 and 530 hp versions with high torques ranging from 1,900 up to 2,600Nm. An integrated MX engine brake is standard across the range, providing excellent engine brake performance from 240kW at 1,500rpm to 360kW at 2,100rpm.


The Euro 6 PACCAR MX engine uses ultra-modern common rail technology, a turbo with variable geometry and advanced controls for maximum efficiency. In order to comply with the strict Euro 6 emissions requirements, it features exhaust gas re-circulation, together with SCR technology and an active soot filter.

Six-cylinder in-line turbocharged diesel engine with intercooling. Ultra clean combustion with Exhaust Gas Re-circulation (EGR), Diesel Particular Filter (DPF) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) after treatment for Euro 6 emission levels.

The engines provide additional torque at low revs in the highest gear for direct drive gearboxes and in the two highest gears for overdrive gearboxes to support lower fuel consumption of the vehicle.


It’s simple and effective. Basically the exhaust gas after-treatment system consists of a catalytic converter, a dosing unit and an AdBlue tank with sufficient capacity to match the range offered by the fuel tank. The exhaust gases are lead through the Selective Catalytic Converter, where AdBlue is added. A chemical process takes place, resulting in NOx emissions being broken down into harmless water vapour and nitrogen. AdBlue consumption is only 4 to 6% of the diesel consumption.



An economical engine is only the starting point for an efficient driveline. Gearbox and rear axle are equally important when it comes to efficiency and keeping cost per kilometre as low as possible. That is why DAF has been focusing for many years on integrated driveline technology. The drivelines in the CF Series are further proof of this philosophy.


The latest generation of TraXon automated gearboxes are standard on the CF series. Less friction losses, even faster upshifts and the extended use of EcoRoll contribute to lowest fuel consumption, whereas driver comfort is enhanced thanks to its quiet and smooth operation and precise clutch actuation. This generation TraXon automated transmissions also provide a wider ratio spread enabling even faster drivelines. Among the unique characteristics of the TraXon gearbox are the dedicated software settings which are available for heavy haulage and liquid transport applications.


In addition to superlative engines and gearboxes,  the CF has high efficiency rear axles with low-friction wheel ends. What’s more, a range of faster ratios starting from 2.05 enable even lower engine rpm’s for highest fuel efficiency. To reduce friction losses, we have introduced grinded differential gear sets and added bearings and seals in the rear axle along with low-level, low-friction rear axle oil.

The CF series has a range of DAF single reduction rear axles. These axles have earned an excellent reputation for long service life, excellent reliability, and above all, low internal resistance. This means less energy losses in the driveline resulting in better fuel consumption. The wide range of rear axle ratios facilitates selecting exactly the right driveline for each individual application.

Incorporating the latest in air-ride technology and the highest quality materials, these remarkably durable suspension systems weigh less than comparable alternatives, contain substantially fewer parts for increased reliability and they are virtually maintenance-free, with no periodic adjustments or lubrication required.


The new CF builds on the excellent standards of driver comfort, offering an attractive look and feel.  New warm and tasteful sand colours for dashboard, seats, curtains, mattresses and side and back walls give the interior a great appearance in which every driver feels comfortable and at home. The new Exclusive line is the ultimate in luxury and comfort. It is distinguished by the cognac colored dashboard and door panels, as well as the stylish vents with aluminium look. A 6-star working and living environment.  The New CF: the best a driver can get!


Drivers will appreciate the generous and practical storage facilities of the CF cab. The Day Cab has a large lockable tray and cup holder on the engine tunnel and practical storage space above the windscreen. The Sleeper Cab also has storage space under the lower bunk. The underbunk storage locker on the left-hand side is insulated from odours and is accessible from the outside only. For long-distance operation, the roomy Space Cab provides standing height on the engine tunnel, extensive storage space, including large illuminated lockers above the windscreen and room for home comforts like a TV, refrigerator and microwave.


From the fully adjustable air-sprung driver’s seat with integral headrest, adjustable lumbar support and seat-belt tensioners, the driver has excellent access to all controls. The seats mould to the body to provide fatigue-reducing support. Extensive seat adjustment, combined with the two way adjustable steering wheel ensures the optimum driving position for drivers of all sizes.

Special attention is given to the aesthetic design of the interior and durability of the materials. There are lighter trim colours for less frequently used areas, and darker, easier to clean shades for frequently touched areas. The dark sand coloured interior gives a comfortable feeling and offers a pleasant working and living atmosphere. Materials and finishes equal those of top-class passenger cars, as do the well-thought-out comfort elements. The vents in the door panels, for instance, create a warm air ‘curtain’ along the side windows for optimum driver comfort.